Welcome to Royles Gourmet

We are a catering company that specializes in day-to-day meal service to schools and child care centers. Our team consists of experienced and passionate chefs with an extensive culinary background. With over 30 years of combined skills, we have evolved cooking techniques, bold flavors and signature dishes.


Individual Meals

Individual Meals

Royles Gourmet is now offering individually sealed packaged and portioned meals. View our “Schools Page” for more info.

Bulk Meals

Bulk Meals

Royles Gourmet has a team of experienced and passionate chefs to provide bulk meals for your school. Contact us for further information.

Bagged Meals

Bagged Lunches

We provide you with excellent catered lunch meals for your summer school programs, events, or birthdays. Get more info today.



Private Chef, Corporate Events, Institutional Catering, Holidays, Open-House, Weddings, Birthdays, Baby Showers, and much more.


  • Try our Gourmet Meal Service!
  • Too tired to cook? Let us take care of it for you


Schools & Customers That Trust Our Cooking


We are honored to provide the finest cuisine and the greatest service to each and everyone of our clients.


Latest Menus from Royles Gourmet.

We are always cooking-up new menus
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