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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we start your service without making a commitment?

Absolutely, In Fact, we encourage you to try us for a month. Our Agreement guarantees your meal price and our commitment to great service. You can cancel with a couple of days notice.

How much do you charge for catered hot lunches and when will prices increase?

We are expanding our routes and delivery areas; and are throwing away the “rate card” for the time being. The bottom line is, we will beat our competitors meal prices, if we can to gain your business. Our price increases, are effective October 1st annually, and are very modest. As we grow, our purchasing power increases and our food costs decrease. Occasionally, this offsets the need to raise prices. We’ve been known to skip increases some years altogether.

What if our children can’t eat something on the Menu?

We try to please most plates and encourage healthy eating habits. Children pass through many different developmental stages that affect their food preferences. Any menu component may be substituted on your request. We also offer a daily alternate hot vegetable to cold salads, desserts and vegetarian substitutions, and pork/beef restricted menus.

How is our food delivered?

Your food can be sent hot or cold, depending on you school’s needs. Our delivery drivers certify proper food temperatures daily on arrival at your site. Cold food is placed in your refrigerator. Hot food can be transferred to your oven, steam table, or can remain in its temperature hot thermal box. We have also created a unique method of maintaining food temperatures using electricity as opposed to boiling water. We can transfer your hot food to this preheated thermal box that remains in your facility by the duration of your service agreement.

Is Royles Gourmet a licensed and insured catering company?

Absolutely, we are licensed by (DBPR) state of Florida’s department of business and professional regulations and inspected by (USDA) United States Department of Agriculture. Insured, by a reputable liability company. License and credentials available up on request.

How are we billed?

Weekly and bi-weekly invoices are e-mailed by every Friday. Our invoices include the numbers of meals purchased each day in the billing cycle. We also accept Visa and Master cards as payment forms.

What is the minimum number of meals required for order?

The minimum number of meals is 25. If your center is adjacent to an existing client or are opening a new location, then, we will help you by decreasing the number of meals as needed to get you started.

Does your pricing include paper goods?

Yes, the price does include all necessary plates, napkins and utensils to serve our tasty meals to your children.

How are the meals packaged?

Our meals come in two forms of packaging… “Bulk or Individually”.
Bulk servings, food stays fresher and hotter for a longer period of time.
Individually serving, meals come sealed in biodegradable paper containers and are easier for distribution between your classrooms and children.

How do we get service started?

Call us or fill out the box on our contact page. It’s that simple! We’ll need to ask you a few questions so that we can customize the menu portions and service options to your school’s needs. Then we’ll send you a service proposal and new start information packet. Choose your start date and we’ll take care of the rest!

Still undecided? Please feel free to contact our friendly staff for more information. Additional references are readily available. And you are welcome to tour our facility and share a meal with us. We hope to hear from you soon! Call 954.629.5192, Monday – Friday, from 6am to 5pm.