Our Company proudly provides healthy and nutritional meals to schools and child care centers. At Royles Gourmet, the children are our main focus. When it comes time to prepare our meals, we take in consideration all the children because a happy and safe child is our number one priority. We strive to make our clients satisfied at all levels.

Menus are tailored to be healthy and fresh to exceed USDA guidelines. Our meals are never frozen and are cooked on a daily basis by our professional chefs. Our nutritional kitchen is free of “Salisbury Steak”, “Taco Meat”, “Pork”, and Peanuts. Some of our signature dishes include …Béchamel Macaroni and Beef, Sautéed Chicken Tenderloin with au jus, and Basil Marinara Penne pasta.

To provide the best quality meals, we bake instead of fry our food; we serve organic salads, fresh seasonal fruits, whole grain products, and much more. We promote to all children to enjoy a healthy well-balanced lifestyle.

Thank you, for choosing Royles Gourmet as your cater and allowing us to feed the greatest treasure of all… Our children! We truly believe in our Mission “to provide food with integrity and passion to those we care so much about”.